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From October 2020 to June 2021, we will showcase a selection of Games Market Bootcamps for trade with key insights into often under-explored markets in Asia and the Oceania as well as GameDev Talks by gaming veterans and experts for the wider community.

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Games Market Bootcamps

Thailand Bootcamp


22 April 2021

According to Niko Partners, Thailand is predicted to be the first US$1b gaming market in SEA. Gaming has become widely accepted in popular culture with major brands and influencers all becoming a part of the esports scene in the country. Thailand’s average revenue per user (ARPU) is also the highest in SEA and the number of mobile gamers is increasing faster than smartphone user penetration. The exponential growth makes Thailand an extremely important market for game developers and publishers looking to release games in the region.


India Bootcamp


25 March 2021

The Indian online gaming industry is expected to exceed US$1.1b by 2021, according to Google-KMPG. With growing internet penetration, compelling economics and an increasing ecosystem of entrepreneurs and developers focusing on this space, India’s online gaming industry has already attracted US$350 million in investments between 2014-2020.

Find out why India is a game changer and how you can tap into its growth which is likely to at least double in the next 1-2 years.


Australia Bootcamp


24 February 2021

With total video games and esports revenue of A$3.175b in 2019, Australia is one of the highest per capita spenders on video games in the world. This is expected to grow further at a 6.87% CAGR to 2024, driven by app-based games and esports.

Deep dive into the latest gaming trends, and explore initiatives by Austrade and the various state-based screen agencies to help you set up in Australia or invest in local studios.


Singapore Bootcamp


30 November 2020 (Hybrid edition)

Singapore is the host country and home of gamescom asia.

The country may be a little red dot but continues to attract an influx of foreign investments in its gaming market, and major AAA lead studios like Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, Riot Games and Tencent to its shores. Not to mention a number of made-in-Singapore studios supporting AAA titles.

Indonesia Bootcamp


12 November 2020

With more than 171 million citizens connected to the internet, Indonesia currently has the world’s fourth largest number of internet users.

To explore new opportunities in this huge untapped market, join us at the upcoming ‘Indonesia Games Market Bootcamp’.

Philippines Bootcamp


15 October 2020

The Philippines is currently the world’s 25th biggest market by game revenues.

Join us for first-hand insight into the market situation and trends and hear from prominent local experts about the gaming ecosystem in the Philippines.

Take part in gamescom asia’s first-ever digital series of events from October 2020 to June 2021! If you would like to represent your local market, get in touch with us.

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